Animal Topics for Research Papers

244 Free Animal Topics for Research Papers

Animals are the most beautiful and interesting creatures on earth. The animal kingdom is full of amazing creatures that have evolved into very different forms in order to survive and thrive in their own unique habitats. As humans, we can learn so much from animals; they show us what it means to be strong, noble, courageous, and joyful. In this article, we will explore 244 free animal topics for research papers you can use when writing a research paper about animals.

Are you looking for interesting animal research paper topics?

Scientists, artists, and writers have been fascinated with animals since the beginning of time. Animals are important to humans in many ways: they provide food and clothing; they provide companionship; they help us learn about the world we live in; they inspire artists and scientists to create new things. The list goes on and on!

If you’re looking for ideas for your next animal research paper topic, here are 244 free animal topics for research papers. You can choose any one of these or come up with your own idea based on what you’ve learned here.

Animal Topics That Are Simple to Write About

If you are looking for some Animal Topics That Are Simple to Write About, we have the best ideas. Check out the ideas below and pick the best one for your next research paper:

  1. Discuss a popular Asian horse breed.
  2. As a pet, which is better: a dog or a cat?
  3. How to fast teach a pony
  4. At the South Pole, are there polar bears?
  5. The last orangutans must be saved.
  6. The strangest three creatures on the planet
  7. Poaching and its ramifications
  8. The most effective methods for training a dog
  9. Veal’s negative impact on humans
  10. The most effective techniques to teach a cat
  11. Discuss how migratory birds are classified.
  12. Why do penguins lack the ability to fly?
  13. An in-depth examination of Africa’s fauna
  14. Is it possible to keep a spider as a pet?
  15. Is it possible for grizzly bears to detect fear?
  16. Poaching prevention techniques in wildlife preserves
  17. Pork meat’s negative impact on people
  18. Palm oil’s calamitous consequences

Animal Research Topics That Are Interesting

If you are looking for some of the most Animal Research Topics That Are Interesting on the Internet, you have arrived at the right place. Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Mosquitoes: Are They Useless Insects?
  2. In African wildlife preserves, lion pride reigns supreme.
  3. Talk about the hyena’s anatomy.
  4. A detailed examination of the Tardigrade
  5. Discuss the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species.
  6. Wildlife parks in the United States that are the best
  7. Adaptations of animals to live in the desert
  8. In the United Kingdom, there are a number of endangered animal species.
  9. Examine the life cycle of a butterfly.
  10. Is dolphin intelligence as high as it is portrayed?
  11. Is animal testing for medicinal purposes justified?
  12. Zoos have both advantages and disadvantages.
  13. Conservation of the Giant Panda and related species
  14. Animals that are toxic have advantages.
  15. Is it better to spay or neuter your pet?
  16. How do monkeys manage to climb trees so quickly?
  17. The world’s largest whales
  18. Adaptations that animals have made to cope with the cold
  19. What is a porpoise, exactly?
  20. Animal testing has ethical issues.

Animal-related research questions

Take a look at our Animal-related research questions and pick the one you like. All of these questions should work great for 2022:

  1. Should antibiotics be tested on animals?
  2. What caused the dinosaurs to go extinct?
  3. What is the best way to look after an exotic pet?
  4. Is it preferable to have a cat or a dog as a pet?
  5. Which predator is the most powerful in the United States?
  6. Are zoos cruel animal prisons?
  7. Are dolphins docile?
  8. Do we have the legal authority to slaughter animals?
  9. Should sport hunting be prohibited?
  10. Should animals be given greater rights?
  11. Should we put an end to the practice of euthanizing stray animals?
  12. What can we do to save endangered species?
  13. What is Europe’s biggest land mammal?
  14. Should you purchase or adopt a dog?
  15. Is it really necessary to have a pet?
  16. Should exotic pets be prohibited in the United Kingdom?
  17. Can we make zoo animals’ lives better?
  18. Should animal abuse be punished more harshly?
  19. Is it possible to keep a fox as a pet?
  20. Is animal testing for medicinal purposes justified?

Animal Rights Research Paper Topics

Are you looking for awesome Animal Rights Research Paper Topics? No problem, we have a list of the most interesting topics right here:

  1. In the United States, there is a lot of talk regarding animal rights.
  2. In the United States, animals are being given additional rights.
  3. In China, talk about animal rights.
  4. Do wild dogs have any legal protections?
  5. Examine the state of animal rights in Europe.
  6. Is it true that invading species have rights as well?
  7. In the United Kingdom, talk about animal rights.
  8. Animal rights and fishing practices
  9. Examine North Korea’s animal rights.
  10. In zoos, talk about animal rights.
  11. Without breaching the law, destroying predator animals
  12. In India, talk about animal rights.
  13. Do wild cats have the same rights as domestic cats?
  14. Examine the ethical implications of pet euthanasia.
  15. Animal rights and Farming in a factory
  16. In India, talk about cow rights.
  17. Whaling industry abuses animal rights
  18. Animal testing for cosmetics
  19. Examine the global ivory trade’s collapse.
  20. Cockfighting is a sport that is popular in the United States.

Topics for Animal Rescue that are Simple

We know you probably don’t want to spend too much time working on your research paper. Check out the following list of Topics for Animal Rescue that are Simple and choose one:

  1. Why should we help animals in distress?
  2. Bushfires in Australia’s aftermath
  3. Rescue animals have poor social abilities.
  4. What is the purpose of animal rescue?
  5. In the United States, wildfires have a negative impact on animals.
  6. Should zoos be compelled to rehabilitate animals?
  7. Putting saved creatures to death
  8. Animals from other countries in the United States
  9. Rescue dogs have resource guarding issues.
  10. Veterinary treatment for rescued animals is lacking.
  11. Adoption screening methods are insufficient.
  12. Rescue dogs with anxiety issues
  13. Rescue cats’ destructive behavior
  14. Animal rescue missions are dangerous.
  15. What happens to saved animals?
  16. Is it true that all rescued animals are traumatized?

Veterinary Research Paper Topics

Interested in writing about veterinary topics? Our experienced writers and editors have compiled a list of great Veterinary Research Paper Topics:

  1. What does it mean to be a veterinarian?
  2. The veterinary profession’s challenges
  3. What is Brucellosis and how does it affect you?
  4. In the United Kingdom, the most frequent feline illnesses are:
  5. Discuss animal-based biomedical research.
  6. Poor veterinary care in Europe’s rural regions is a hot topic.
  7. Talk about natural animal feeding.
  8. Veterinary technology breakthroughs
  9. The most effective technique to treat a tapeworm infection
  10. Human diseases that may be acquired from pets
  11. In 2022, the most popular exotic animals as pets will be
  12. Effectively using sanctions for the aim of teaching
  13. Why is it beneficial to microchip your pets?
  14. Mycotoxicoses are caused by a variety of factors.
  15. Treatment options for a hookworm infection
  16. Is there a reliable Rabies treatment?
  17. The most frequent dog illnesses in the United States
  18. Infections with Campylobacteriosis may result in mortality.

Topics on Animal Abuse

If you want to write about animal abuse and other related subjects, we have a list of Topics on Animal Abuse that should get you a top grade on your next research paper:

  1. Discuss the subject of animal mistreatment in the United States.
  2. Animal cruelty is a problem in the United Kingdom.
  3. Animal cruelty vs. animal abuse
  4. Discuss the subject of animal mistreatment in China.
  5. The consequences of animal hoarding
  6. Putting up animal fights is a kind of cruelty.
  7. Eastern Europe has a problem with animal mistreatment.
  8. Cruelty to animals resulting in human violence
  9. India has a problem with animal mistreatment.
  10. Is animal experimentation a kind of cruelty?
  11. Is it possible to classify neglect as animal abuse?
  12. Instances of animal maltreatment in the countryside vs. cases in the city
  13. Shooting is a kind of animal cruelty.
  14. Animal cruelty laws in the United States
  15. In the United Kingdom, there are laws against animal mistreatment.

High School Animal Topics

Looking for some of the best High School Animal Topics? Take a look at the list below and pick the most interesting idea:

  1. What is the reason behind the high cost of veterinary care?
  2. Differences between camels and dromedaries
  3. Should students be allowed to bring their pets to school?
  4. Consider the differences and similarities between lions and cheetahs.
  5. In the United Kingdom, wild animals are kept as pets.
  6. The world’s worst pet
  7. Adopting a pet from a nearby animal shelter
  8. Is it possible for elephants to swim?
  9. An in-depth examination of the camel
  10. Cats and dogs are compared and contrasted.
  11. In your city, talk about irresponsible dog breeding.
  12. Examine the decline of orangutan habitat.
  13. Killer whales hunt in a variety of ways.
  14. Concerns about animal rights in Asia
  15. Discuss the dangers of bad fishing tactics.
  16. Adoption center animal welfare concerns

Topics for Animal Testing Research

Talking about Topics for Animal Testing Research shouldn’t worry you, as long as you remain objective and impartial. Here are some relatively simple topics on this:

  1. Is animal testing for cosmetics ethical?
  2. Animals used in the development of chemical weapons
  3. The dreadful destiny of laboratory mice
  4. Animals are used to test for vaccinations.
  5. Using animals to find a treatment for Covid-19
  6. Animals are used in stem cell research.
  7. Worst animal medical experiments
  8. Animal experimentation is prohibited in the United Kingdom.

Topics on Animal Cruelty

Looking for the best and most interesting Topics on Animal Cruelty you can find? We have a list of ideas right here for high school and college students:

  1. Animal cruelty penalties in the United States
  2. What is the definition of animal cruelty?
  3. In the United States, puppy mills exist.
  4. Animal cruelty penalties in the United Kingdom
  5. Petting exotic animals is a kind of cruelty.
  6. Fighting between dogs
  7. In major cities, there is an overabundance of pets.
  8. Farming in a factory
  9. Animal cruelty vs. animal abuse

Animal-Related Persuasive Topics

Writing about animals in a persuasive manner shouldn’t be too difficult. If you have access to some good Animal-Related Persuasive Topics to write about, things will get even easier:

  1. Before it’s too late, put an end to deforestation.
  2. Animal foods should be avoided.
  3. Global warming’s impact on animals
  4. Animals should not be used in circuses.
  5. Pork should be avoided at all costs.
  6. Invest in a microchip for your pet.
  7. Is pet insurance a good investment?
  8. Foxes aren’t supposed to be kept as pets.
  9. Instead, consider adopting your pet (as opposed to buying it)
  10. Pollution’s negative effects on animals
  11. Banning Farming in factory practices

Topics on Endangered Species

Do you want to raise awareness about endangered species of animals? No problem, we have some of the greatest Topics on Endangered Species right here:

  1. Is it possible to conserve the whooping crane?
  2. The bonobo monkey’s survival is in jeopardy.
  3. Is it possible to conserve the peregrine falcon?
  4. The Galapagos penguin is an endangered species in the Galapagos Islands.
  5. Is it possible to conserve the black-footed ferret?
  6. Save the river dolphins of South Asia.
  7. Is it possible to conserve the whale shark?
  8. The number of Loggerhead sea turtles is declining.
  9. Is it possible to conserve the Monarch butterfly?

Animal-Related Advanced Topics

If you want to impress your professor, why not write your research papers on some Animal-Related Advanced Topics? Here are a couple of interesting ideas for students:

  1. The alligator’s life cycle
  2. Exotic pets that are most deadly
  3. Adaptations of deep-sea fish
  4. Talk about bioluminescence.

Essay Topics about Animals that are Educational

Writing an informative essay is definitely not a complicated thing to do. However, the grade you get on your paper depends on the quality of the Essay Topics about Animals that are Educational:

  1. Describe the rabbit in detail.
  2. Talk about the red panda.
  3. Describe the horse in detail.
  4. What exactly is a Saola?
  5. Let’s talk about Thylacine.
  6. The Asian elephant is examined in detail.
  7. The Dodo is a bird that has become extinct.
  8. Wolf populations are on the verge of extinction.
  9. What does a Kakapo bird look like?
  10. Is there a threat to polar bears?
  11. The green sea turtle’s life cycle

Topics for Veterinarian Research Papers that are Complicated

If you want to try your hand at some complicated research papers, we have some quite Topics for Veterinarian Research Papers that are Complicated right here:

  1. Vaccines for dogs: how do they work?
  2. Why are lab mice ideal for research?
  3. Extremely cold-blooded animals
  4. Adaptations of animals at deep depths

The Most Interesting Animal Topics

We know you want to engage your audience and impress everyone in the class. Here are some of our The Most Interesting Animal Topics. Pick one and start writing now:

  1. Getting a pet for your kid
  2. Animal fighting games are popular in the United Kingdom.
  3. Is it necessary to vaccinate your cat?
  4. Psychological problems in zoo animals

Your Favorite Animal-Related Topics

Everyone has a favorite animal, including your teacher. So, why not write something about it? Here are some Your Favorite Animal-Related Topics that should work great:

  1. What animal is your favorite and why?
  2. Animals that are the funniest in the world
  3. Why are dogs such wonderful pets?
  4. Should you keep an exotic pet as a pet?
  5. What is it about your favorite animal that you admire?
  6. The greatest mammal on the planet
  7. Your favorite animal’s characteristics
  8. Is it possible for an animal to be loyal?

Animals as College Topics

College students should not pick easy topics because professors tend to penalize them. Check out these Animals as College Topics students and select one of them:

  1. A college student’s ideal pet
  2. Tardigrades in Space: How Do They Survive?
  3. Anticancer medicines made from snake venom

Topics Concerning Controversial Animals

Why would you be afraid to write about controversial topics? Check out our list Topics Concerning Controversial Animals and pick the best one for your needs right now:

  1. Animals are used in chemical testing.
  2. Animals are used in weapon testing.
  3. Animals are used to test cosmetics.
  4. Animals are used to test new medications.
  5. Animals that have been utilized in scientific studies
  6. rescuing laboratory mice from extinction
  7. Africa’s poaching
  8. Cockfighting is a sport that is popular in the United States.
  9. Stopping the ivory trade
  10. Animals are hunted for their fur.

Animal Species Conservation Discussion Topics

There are so many endangered species of animals in the world that it’s difficult to pick one to write about. Here are some of our most interesting Animal Species Conservation Discussion Topics:

  1. An examination of the conservation of orangutans in the wild.
  2. Examine the lion population’s conservation initiatives.
  3. Blue whales are being saved from extinction.
  4. An in-depth study of wild cheetah conservation.
  5. An in-depth look at wild tiger conservation.
  6. Is it true that the California condor is a threatened species?
  7. Snow leopards are being saved from extinction.
  8. Examine the giant panda population’s conservation initiatives.
  9. The conservation of wild Javan rhinoceros is examined in full.

Animals as Argumentative Essay Topics

Finding some exceptional Animals as Argumentative Essay Topics can be difficult, especially if you want your paper to stand out from the rest. Here are some great ideas for you:

  1. Cats are excellent pets.
  2. Animals in captivity should not be kept.
  3. Exotic pet ownership should be prohibited.
  4. The use of palm oil should be prohibited.
  5. Zoos should be governed more strictly.
  6. No matter what, never feed wildlife.
  7. More elephant sanctuaries are needed.
  8. Putting a stop to Maasai lion hunting
  9. The finest service animals are dogs.
  10. Hyenas are on the verge of becoming extinct.
  11. Flies are quite important.


Hopefully, this article has helped you find some interesting animal research paper topics. Whether you’re writing a research paper on animals in general, or just looking to write about one specific species of animal, there are plenty of options available. While some topics may seem more obvious than others (e.g. dogs vs cats), we encourage our readers to think outside the box when choosing their topic!

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What is a good research topic for animals?

Animals are such a broad topic that it can be daunting to decide what you want to write about. However, once you narrow down your focus and find something interesting, your paper will flow naturally. It’s easy to do this by researching topics such as animal rights and welfare, animal testing, or even research itself!

What is the best topic for research paper?

If you are looking for a topic to research, you should choose one that interests you. Choose something that is easy to find information about. You can also make sure that the topic is interesting and unique to you, so it feels like your own work. Finally, choose a topic that has enough material for an entire paper. It will also be helpful if the topic is something people will want to read about because it might get your paper published in a magazine or newspaper!
The best topics are ones that allow an author plenty of space for writing while still maintaining relevance and focus on the subject matter at hand (your thesis). When choosing your subject matter, make sure there’s enough detail within each subcategory so readers won’t miss out on anything important!

What are some controversial topics about animals?

The following topics are sure to spark controversy:
Animal testing. This topic is a sensitive one, as many people believe that animals should not be used for human benefit. They would argue that when we use animals for testing purposes, we’re exploiting them and taking advantage of their natural instincts to survive or reproduce.
Animal rights vs animal welfare. While some may argue for the rights of all animals to be respected by humans, others focus on animal welfare in general—the health and well-being of an individual creature’s body and mind—and how it relates to human concerns like food supply and public safety (for example). In this case, the two sides don’t always agree on how best to achieve those goals!
Animal abuse/cruelty: This is another touchy subject because there are so many different types of abuse (physical violence against animals) or cruelty (intentional harm inflicted upon an animal) that it can be hard for anyone outside those who commit these acts themselves–or their loved ones–to understand why someone would do such things in the first place

What is a good thesis statement for animal rights?

Animal rights are morally wrong.
Animal rights are morally right.
Animal rights are morally wrong, but they are morally right.
Animal rights are morally right, but they are morally wrong.
Animal rights are morally right, but they are morally right