Writing a Dissertation Methodology

Writing a Dissertation Methodology

Top 10 Tips for Writing a Dissertation Methodology

Dissertations are essays that are written for particular subjects.

As compared to thesis which is written at the end of a degree or diploma in the university or college dissertations are written during the doctoral studies.

Most dissertations length range is between 21 pages to 200 pages.

This article will provide guidance concerning how to write a dissertation methodology.

The article will be able to provide information and answers concerning questions that are asked when it comes to writing a dissertation methodology.

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The literature review is a point of concern when it comes to methodology.

It is important to understand the area of concern about your research.

Ensure that this area of concern has a need to be addressed or investigated.

It is important that you briefly explain your research question in this place concerning your dissertation.

Ensure that you define and explain the problem that you want to address.

This way you will start on a good note and you will be able to have a flow.


Being able to show the approach that you are going to use when it comes to your dissertation will help the reader to understand where you’re coming from and where you are going with your topic.

The approach that you will use will show the reader whether you understand the topic that you are discussing or not.

You will also be able to show the reader the implications of the methodology.

At this level, it is essential that you identify the methodological aspects that you will use.

For example, you can identify rational, sampling issues, justifications and many others.


Reproducibility is the ability to produce results when an experiment or research is done repeatedly.

When you have disability on your methodology then you are on the safe side when it comes to proper scientific methods.

This also shows that your research is useful and credible.

Consider putting down the different types of techniques you are going to use.

When you have given a description of the techniques that you will use anyone wishing to challenge your position can by producing the same kind of research.


This is where you have to establish the validity of your research.

As a student doing the research, ensure that you can identify the variables that come first.

This is because in precedence it is where you are able to establish whether your research methodology is a comparable research project within the area you are researching.

Take your time and do a review of different literature for comparability.


On this level, you are supposed to explain why you are doing the research that you are conducting.

It includes giving explanations of the kind of methods and designs that you have used in the research.

Ensures explanation is apparent for the reader.


Rationale is the reason why you are conducting the research.

The rationale should be able to answer the need of research conduction.

Be very careful when giving out the reason and answer to your research.

You can consider revisiting the problem so that you can know what you are answering.

This is one of the most important parts of your dissertation because it justifies the importance of your research.

It is important that you evaluate the methodological approaches and alternative approaches for you to justify the methods you choose.

It is important that you weigh the advantages and the disadvantages of the alternatives that you described including the choice you took.

Reliability and validity

It is important that you discuss the reliability and validity of your research.

Reliability is about the consistency of your research while validity is the extent to which the scores from research represent variables intended.

Ensure there is accuracy in your research.

It is also important that you include the sources of errors and sources of statistical significance.


Samples are very important for the purposes of finding representatives to avoid biases.

When you talk about sampling in methodology you need to understand the techniques of sampling and the sample size.

This can also be considered in the reliability and validity section.

When writing dissertation methodology it is important that you consider addressing sampling separately for clarity matters.

It is important that you consider using the most useful and relevant sampling methods for the purposes of error or omission.

When writing up your methodology ensures that you include the impact of the sampling size on the results that you get.


Questionnaires and methodological materials are placed in this section.

The appendix contains materials that are helpful for the reader to have more understanding concerning the research problem you are talking about.

This information is not included in the body because it has a lot of content.

Therefore by itself it’s not essential in the body but it can act as a reference to the reader.


It is important to include in your methodology and area which explains how the data obtained can be generalized.

When designing your methodology it is also important to have this in mind.

This is for the importance of being able to stick to what you are researching when it comes to data collection.

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