Research Resources

Updated List of Research Resources

Updated List of Research Resources

When writing a dissertation, you cannot evade research.

For you to have a good dissertation you need to use various materials to form the body of your thesis.

The research will also contribute to the critical turning point of how your dissertation will look like in terms of structure.

This means you need to appreciate the diverse research resources that are handy when writing your dissertation.

Utilizing available resources maximally is very important because it will make your dissertation writing easy.

Using the materials available will help you get exceptional research to augment the master’s dissertation you will be writing.

This guide will help you know the scope of options and dissertation research resources that are available to you at your fingertips.

Take time, go through them and make use of these materials.

If you do this you are going to come up with an outstanding and superlative dissertation.

The Libraries

The most available choice of getting resources in the library.

Any student can access the library since colleges and universities must have at least one.

This is because all the universities have libraries that keep different resources for research.

Most researchers often use this choice.

Libraries have full resources that students can take advantage of.

Unfortunately, many students do not make use of libraries.

It is very easy to do your research in the library because technology has made it easy.

The availability of the catalogue will make you get the relevant materials you need for your dissertation topic.

You only require to enter the key terms in the catalogue to get the materials that you need.

Do not be surprised when you find a diverse and broad range of available materials that you can use for your dissertation.

If you cannot find the materials that you require you must consult the librarian to guide you through.

The reason why you need to consult a librarian is that there are materials that are not readily available on the shelves.


Many people may underrate the power of journals when it comes to writing dissertations.

For those individuals that have used journals, they can attest that they are very useful.

Look for different journals that have ideas and topics of what you are writing about.

These materials will provide you with pertinent information on the development of the debate.

On the same materials, you will also get to understand scientific theory and critical opinions concerning your subject.

You can get journals easily because they are readily available on the online platform.

The internet has a full back catalogue of additions.

You can also consider getting a hard copy journal which you can find in the library.

Journals are very important when it comes to writing a master’s dissertation because they help to enhance and build your academic depth.

Your dissertation structure and the setting of your work is also enhanced when you consider journal research.

The Internet

The Internet can help you do dissertation research in a great way.

You will be able to get the right materials when you consider reliable sites and authentic information.

This is because there are sites and information that may not be reliable to use in your dissertation research.

Shun away from these kinds of the platform because they will give you wrong information which will end up making your dissertation faulty.

Avoid using sites that are written by the public because most of them are not moderate.

Sites such as Wikipedia may sound interesting for your research but they may not offer you the content you need.

When you are using the web to do your research, it is important to ensure you have recorded all the addresses of the websites you accessed.

It is also important to ensure you have dated them based the day you gained access.

This information is required so that you can include it in your dissertation biography.

Past Students Dissertations

Past students’ dissertations are stored in the college or University Library.

This is to enable the ongoing dissertation writers to get reference materials.

Considering these materials is very important because they provide you with excellent examples of dissertation structure and format.

You will also be able to see the successful pattern of styles that past students used in their writing.

As a student, it is important to ensure you take advantage of these materials because they are extremely helpful.

Consider using dissertation examples that are relevant to your subject matter.

This way you will be able to understand and feel the kind of write up your supervisor will need from you.

Films, tapes and interviews

When working on dissertations, many people will only consider written resources.

There are other available materials that you can find information from.

These sources include films, tapes and interviews from different people.

Some of the best and relevant dissertation examples can be found in these forms.

There are many film tapes and interviews that have been directed by dissertation writers.

These forms of research are very rich because you will find the write interacting with researchers, other writers and many other key people in this area.

Consider getting deeper into these materials because they will be of help to you when you interact with them.

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