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Top 10 Tips When Writing Your Primary Research

There are tips that you need to look into before writing your primary research so that it can be meaningful.

This guide will highlight 10 tips that you need to be aware of when writing your primary research.

1.Clarify Research Questions

When writing your dissertation proposal, you must ensure your research question is as clear as possible.

Your objectives should also be clear so that they may lead the reader as he goes through your work.

When you have not clarified your guiding questions there is the possibility of steering off of your focus.

Highlight your questions, write them down and have the knowledge of your questions.

2.Methodological Alternatives

There are different research methods that you can use in your primary research.

Having an understanding of the different types of the methodologies is important so that you can use the ones that are relevant to your study.

This can be difficult because you have to understand the nature and the implication of each methodology.

When choosing methodologies, it is important that you list all alternatives and weigh them.

Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of these alternatives.

3.Comparable Studies

When writing a dissertation, it is important that you consider the literature review.

Look for materials that are published under the same scope you are working with.

Using these published studies will be able to help you get inspiration and potential models for your approach.

When you consider comparable studies, you will be able to approach your research in a better manner because you know what you are expecting on the way.

For example, you will know how to manage and handle challenges that may arise in the process.

4.Plan Your Time

It is important to know that writing primary research has a time limit.

You need to ensure you have managed your time properly so that you can ensure you have tackled everything that is required.

The reason why you need to manage your time is because primary research can take a lot of your time due it is a long process.

If you are not careful you may find yourself out of control.

Having a time plan that is realistic and flexible will help you manage your time.

You will be able to address your research question in a better way when you have a time plan.

5.Ethical Questions

When taking primary data it is important to ensure individuals protection is assured.

Some subject areas are more ethical than others and it is essential to make ethical considerations.

It is also important to ensure individuals are confidential.

6. Less Is Not More

When editing primary research data you may find yourself cutting down volumes of data since you do not have enough space to incorporate everything.

You may also find yourself with less information and trying to find more content so that you can fill your research.

It is important to ensure that your primary research is substantial enough to ensure it brings out the relevant information you want to give the reader.

7.Systematic Data Collection And Analysis

When collecting primary data it is important that you ensure you have a systematic approach to ensure there is a flow of work.

For you to enjoy having a systematic approach it is important that you consider filing and keeping digital and hard copies of your research.

Depending on memory only can lead you to a disastrous systematic approach.

You will not be able to distinguish data sets when you depend on your memory.


Ensure you are aware of the statistical measures of the data you are collecting when you are gathering quantitative data.

Precise questions, accurate and reliable figures are required when using the quantitative method of collecting data.


In qualitative research, you are expected to determine how far data from small samples can be generalized.

It is important to ensure you have rich details and narratives.

Consider designing interview and discussion topics that are substantial to help you get quality information.

Questionnaires are also part of qualitative research.


How do you maintain a focus on your research questions?

It is also important that you consider following your instincts when you find your research developing momentum in a particular direction.

Ensure you do not steer off from your aim so that you maintain your focus.

Developing a structured work shows consistency and organisation of your dissertation.

Primary Research for Your Master’s Dissertation

When it comes to the collection of data for your master’s dissertation you may choose to design a questionnaire or carry out interviews for your research.

The question is how exactly are you supposed to go about your primary research?

One of the most difficult things when it comes to dissertation primary research is finding suitable interviewees.

Instead of looking for new people and knocking at their doors, you must consider using individuals and groups that are already available.

Consider looking for groups that are already in existence such as our church, forums that are going on and consider getting in touch with the organizers.

Talk to the organizers and let them know that you are a student and you want to do a data collection about certain things.

It is also important to let the organizer know that you are not a professional researcher.

The reason why you need to make this clear is that people will consider helping students so that they can get through with their studies as compared to professional researchers who do it for money.

Ensure that you are open and honest concerning your intentions towards the research you want to take.

When you get this opportunity to speak to individuals you should remember to say thank you or write to them later.

The reason why a thank-you note is important is that you may want to go back to re-interview individuals at a later time.

A Thank-you should be able to build a good name so that they can accept you back.

Writing Dissertations

Before structuring your dissertation, you must consider preparing questions that you are going to use as questionnaires before you interview people.

Questionnaires can either be open or closed depending on the kind of information you want from individuals.

Consider giving your supervisor the questions that you want to use before you start the data collection to ensure they are meaningful to your dissertation.

Primary Research Techniques

Before going to the field to collect data it is important to note that there are people who will turn you down when it comes to the interviews.

These people will simply refuse to talk or give you closed answers such as a yes or no.

If you find such people know how to treat them because you cannot force them to give you information when they are not comfortable.

If they cannot completely give you answers it is important to leave them.

The reason why you might find such people is because they may have been influenced by their peers to come and answer the questions.

This kind of behavior of interviewees can also be helpful and can contribute to some other ideas for your dissertation.

Dissertation Structure

Remember to reproduce the questionnaires that you used in one of the appendices of your dissertation.

The reproduction of the questionnaire is essential because it helps the reader or the marker to know how you conducted your research.

If it is not included the reader may raise questions on how you can collect the data without them.

Dissertation Plan

When conducting the interviews, it can be tempting to steer off from the questionnaires.

Ensure that you stick to the questionnaires as much as you can so that you can maintain a scientific basis for your research.

It is also important to be keen on how the interview is answering the questions so that you can help them maintain the focus.

The benefit of sticking to your questionnaires is that it helps in the transparency of your work for the marker to evaluate your abilities.

If you are struggling with your dissertation proposal you can consider getting in touch with us and we will be able to help.

You can consider reaching out to us so that we can help you depending on the stage you are at.


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