What is Masters Dissertation or Postgraduate Dissertation?

Master’s Dissertation Help- Master’s Dissertation Handbook


Master’s Dissertation Handbook

Any college or university will provide an MA or a master’s dissertation handbook to act as a guideline for students writing a master’s dissertation.

The handbook contains everything that you need to know on how to complete a dissertation.

This guide will take you through the kind of information that you expect to find in the handbook.


It is important to go through the handbook so that you may know the person of contact when writing your dissertation.

The handbook must provide the person you are supposed to contact within the department of your subject.

You should be able to get the email addresses, web pages that you need to check through to contact your department.

Also, some departments still use the old ways of post trays.

Essay and Dissertation Deadline

Every date should be included in the handbook.

You should be able to know how often you are expected to see your supervisor and when you are expected to finish your dissertation.

Having this information is very important because it may cost you when you miss out on any deadline.

If you are a person who quickly forgets it is important that you consider using a reminder to remind you often of when your work is expected.

Deadline Extensions

You must read the guidelines that are given on extensions.

You should be able to read and understand any penalties that may occur whenever you hand in your work late.


How is your work being assessed?

Knowing what counts when it comes to the assessment of your work whether an essay or a dissertation is very important.

Understanding the impact of the item being assessed to your degree is very important.

The reason why you need to know this is because not everything is included in your degree.

For example, it could be a certain percentage that is included in your overall marks.

Teaching Methods

The handbook should include the way you are expected to be taught.

You need to understand the kind of material that you are going to use whether online or attending seminars.

How you are going to get these sources should also be included in the handbook.

Libraries and Archives

Not everything in the libraries and archives is necessary for your dissertation writing.

You need to have an overview of libraries and archives you will need to use for your research paper.

When you have this information, you use the relevant materials required for your subject matter.

Reading List

A reading list generally guides the student on the kind of materials he or she is expected to read.

This list acts as an introduction to many other books you will use to complete your dissertation.


There are different types of referencing styles that you can use when writing your dissertation.

Different universities use different referencing styles.

Consulting your department on which referencing style is acceptable will make you write a good dissertation.

For example, Oxford, Harvard, Vancouver and many others are referencing styles.

When you know the referencing style that is related to a department you will be able to put your dissertation in that structure and you will be assured of getting good grades when you follow.


It is an offense to plagiarize another person’s work.

Many people will do a cut and paste from the internet to make their essays.

The department should provide ways in which they test for plagiarism.

It should also include the penalties that a person will receive in case they are caught with plagiarized work.

Dissertation Advice

Lastly, a handbook will give you advice on how you are expected to write your dissertation.

The handbook should give you information concerning how you are expected to pick a topic.

It should also contain information on how you are expected to do your research and get the material that you require for your dissertation.

Most departments will put this information in a printed handbook and therefore it will be easy for you to go through the material.

In case the handbook is not in one document it is important to ensure before starting your dissertation you have everything that is required.

For you to work on your dissertation effectively and efficiently you need to ensure everything you need is provided for.