How to Write a Bibliography

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Amazing Guide on How to Write a Bibliography

What is Bibliography

A bibliography is the list of books that you write at the end of an essay, a thesis, or a dissertation.

It can be difficult for students when it comes to writing a bibliography especially when it’s their first time to do so.

The bibliography does not require a lot of work and therefore you should not worry much concerning it.

This guide has highlighted various tips that you need to consider when it comes to writing a bibliography.

Take your time and read it carefully so that you can be able to write the best bibliography on your dissertation.

As I said earlier bibliography is a list of all the sources or books that you have used when writing your essay.

Both the undergraduate and postgraduate doing their dissertations need to have this list at the end of the dissertation.

Any sources that you have used or referred to while writing the essay must be included in the bibliography.

How to write a bibliography

When it comes to writing a bibliography it is important to consider the following.

When listing a new text it is essential that you use a separate line.

When it comes to writing the text it has a format of writing.

It is important to ensure that you write all the details that are required concerning the text.

The format of writing the test is as follows.

  • The author’s name; when it comes to writing the author’s name you are expected to write his or her surname followed by the initials.
  • The year of publication follows after the author’s name.
  • The title of the book follows after the publication year and you should write it in italics or underline it.
  • If the book you are using has been rewritten before it is important to indicate the edition of The Book you are using.
  • When writing a bibliography it is also important to ensure you include the publisher.

A publisher is an institution or an individual that prepares and issues books for sale.

  • Lastly, after you have included the publisher it is important to include the place of publication.

When it comes to writing a bibliography you may be required to put it in primary or secondary sources.

When it comes to the primary sources you are supposed to indicate only works that have been done by the author himself.

These works are the ones that form the basis of your text.

Secondary sources are other materials that you use when it comes to writing your essay and also the whilst critical reference books.

Styles of writing bibliography

We have different ways that you can write a bibliography.

This weighs include Harvard, APA, MLA, and others.

It is important to understand the style that your department requires when it comes to writing your dissertation.

This is because every Style has a different representation.

When it comes to writing a dissertation it is important to ensure you are consistent.

Ensure that the style you have selected is the one that you are going to use for every reference.

It is important to ensure you familiarize yourself with the different styles of writing a bibliography so that it can be easy when working on it.

It is also important to refer to different examples before starting.

This way you will be able to have the concept and writing your bibliography will be easy.

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