Dissertation Title

Dissertation Title Writing

Dissertation Title Writing

1. What is a Dissertation Title for?

It is important to understand that a dissertation title is not just a random naming of your work.

A dissertation title introduces the reader to what you want to talk about.

When writing the title of your dissertation you must ensure you have highlighted the purpose of your study.

A dissertation title serves as the first opportunity to give a summary of what your study is all about.

Your dissertation title should have the ability to give information about the essence of your research project.

It should also communicate an accurate sense of what follows.

You can consider including your contacts and outcome in your dissertation title.

Another thing that you can include in your title is the aspects of the research strategy that you have adopted.


It is important to ensure that you have written a catchy title.

The ability to organize your words to bring out the main idea of your study is very important.

You can also consider using catchy phrases or non-specific language that is within the context of your study.

Ensure every word or phrase that you use as a title will give the reader an understanding of what you are talking about.

When you are making your title it is important to avoid humorous or journalistic styles.

This is because in academic writing you do not require such to bring your reader to attention.

This is because the main essence of academic writing is for learning and getting a new perspective concerning your study.

The ability to bring the seriousness of your work starts from the title and therefore it is important to avoid humorous or journalistic styles on your paper.

Make sure that your title makes sense to the reader.


As we said earlier a title is the first opportunity to introduce your reader to what you are talking about.

It is therefore important to ensure that there is clarity on the title.

Avoid using ambiguous and ambivalent words when writing your title.

This is because such words may bring the reader into confusion.

The only way to ensure you have a confident opening statement is by ensuring your title is as clear as possible.

When your title conveys the idea you want to bring to the reader he will be able to be interested in reading more concerning your paper.


When it comes to dissertation writing there are many forms and types of dissertations that you can find within the same field of knowledge.

When writing your dissertation title it is important to ensure you bring out the category your paper will discuss.

The reason why you need to categorize your paper title it’s because every dissertation has its purpose.

By categorizing your dissertation through the title the reader will have a clue of what you want to talk about.


Conventions are very important because they act as a guideline on the structuring of your dissertation.

You must understand the kind of guidelines and formulas that have been given in your academic discipline to put together a dissertation title.

You can consider Consulting published materials to get a well-structured dissertation title.


How do you ensure that your title is focused on what you are talking about?

One of the ways to ensure that your dissertation title is focused on what you want to talk about is by making it short and relevant.

Do not bombard your title with a lot of words.

You must consider the limit of what you can use on your title.

In most cases, most universities will give a 15-word limit.

Make sure your title is specific to maintain the focus of your research.


A good dissertation title will showcase the idea of the extent of your research.

When the scope is clear the reader will be more interested to read on to see what you are talking about.


Distinctiveness is the ability to ensure your title is unique.

The uniqueness of a dissertation title will make it recognizable amid other dissertations.

A reader is not only reading your dissertation but for many other students.

This means there are meaning dissertations that are on his desk which could be of the same topics.

What will make your paper distinct from others is the ability to ensure you have a unique title.


The format of the title is always provided in the handbook.

Take time and read through the handbook so that you may see the directions and the guidelines given for your assignment.

It is also important to ensure you consult your department for more information concerning the title.

When you don’t follow the instructions that are given for writing a title you may end up losing some marks.

For example, it is important to ensure that the title has its page.


Some disciplines may allow you to accommodate humour in your title.

Although there is this allowance, it is important to ensure you don’t use too much of it on your title.

This is because too much of it may bring the reader to destruction and may not find your work seriously.

When you measure the level of humour you use on your title it can act as a good hook.

If you have read this guideline concerning a dissertation title you will be able to write a good one.

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