Dissertation Writing and the Dissertation Supervisor

Dissertation Writing and the Dissertation Supervisor

The allocation of a dissertation supervisor is a must when you are about to write your dissertation and a dissertation proposal.

It is the college or the university that assigns you the supervisor.

It is important to ensure you have a good relationship with your supervisor.

Creating a bond with your supervisor is valuable because he or she will help you go in the right direction when writing your dissertation.

There are many guidelines that you need to expect from your supervisor.

The question is, how do you get one?

This article outlines what you need to expect from the dissertation supervisor and how you can get one.

Choosing Your Supervisor

For you to choose a supervisor, you need to understand your area of research.

From there, you will be required to choose a supervisor who is specialized in that area.

When choosing a supervisor, you must take your time and think through the person you want to pick.

This is because you want to ensure you have chosen a supervisor you believe will help you research.

Supervisors that have a good knowledge concerning your field of study are the ones that you need to consider so that they can help you get the right dissertation examples from previous students.

Before selecting the supervisor, it is important to find more information about the person from your department.

You can also use the department handbook because it contains biographies of different lecturers, which can help you know who to choose.

Get to see how many books, journals, and articles they have published in this field.

If this is not satisfactory when selecting the supervisor, you can go the extra mile of researching them online.

This way, you will be assured you are selecting the best choice for a supervisor.

Tips on Finding the Right Dissertation Supervisor

Before starting your Master’s dissertation, you must consider looking for the best possible supervisor that you will work with.

A master supervisor is a person that will guide you through the dissertation writing process.

A supervisor contributes highly to the grades that you will get in your dissertation.

Any dissertation examples that you go through and find to be strong and productive are because of the student’s good relationship with the supervisor.

When looking for a master’s dissertation supervisor, there are various tips that you need to remember.

Highlighted below are the tips that you need to remember when choosing a supervisor.

1. Choose the Right Supervisor for Your Subject

Before selecting a supervisor, you must understand your specific dissertation title.

When you have this understanding, you will select the best supervisor that will help you in this area.

This might sound obvious, but many students choose a supervisor for the sake of completing their projects.

This is not a good idea because they will not reap the benefits of a good supervisor that understands their dissertation titles.

You might find yourself going for a familiar supervisor with and comfortable with, but they may not be experts in your field.

It is important to let go of these ideas and consider choosing an expert supervisor in your field so that you can be able to write a good dissertation.

Keeping in mind that your dissertation is an important project to graduate from, you will select the best supervisor.

Choose a supervisor that has the knowledge concerning the topic you have chosen.

Consider researching the supervisor and get to see they are biographies that will help you in choosing.

2. A Strong Working Relationship

To complete your dissertation, you must consider getting a supervisor that you will work together productively.

When choosing a supervisor, do not select those that make you feel anxious and nervous even when you respect them.

This is because you might find yourself afraid to open up to them to get help.

When choosing a supervisor, it is important to choose one that you can openly and confidently share your ideas.

A supervisor that you can explore your academic capabilities without fear is one that you need to consider.

If you select a supervisor that you are afraid of, you will not be comfortable working with him or her because you fear making mistakes.

Choose a supervisor that would make you feel supported in the dissertation writing process and one that you can comfortably communicate with.

At the same time, do not choose a supervisor who is laid back and relaxed because you will never finish your work.

It would help if you had an active supervisor to finish your master’s dissertation on time.

This is because a master’s dissertation is intense and has a lot of pressure. It would help if you had someone who will push you forward and motivate you to get the work done.

3. Good Recommendations

Referrals and recommendations from previous students can be of help when selecting a supervisor.

Ask different students concerning their experiences with their supervisors when they were doing their master’s dissertation.

When they give you an honest opinion, this information can be beneficial to choose the best dissertation supervisor.

4. Choose Supervisor with Your Best Interest at Heart

Do not approach a supervisor because they have a high profile at the university.

Just because a supervisor is an expert in your field, they may not be readily available to help you in your dissertation writing process.

This is because most of the dissertation supervisors that have high profiles have a busy schedule.

This may hinder them from incorporating you into their schedule.

Choose a supervisor that has enough time for you so that they may provide you with every material required to write a good dissertation.

A dissertation supervisor with the best interest at heart will support you and help you in every way they can to get good dissertation writing.

Choose a dissertation supervisor that will motivate you towards getting the best marks in your dissertation.

Problems When Writing A Dissertation

When writing your dissertation, you could have problems with your supervisor.

One of the problems that you may have with your supervisor is availability.

Your supervisor could be appointed as the head of the department, and he or she may be having other tasks that require his attention.

Another reason why you may have problems with your supervisor because they don’t have any interest in your subject.

Communication may also be a problem when they are not responding to your messages.

You may also find yourself selecting supervisors who deal with other subjects outside your field.

It is important to understand that supervisors are also human beings, and you should not be angry or place a demand on them.

Just like you, they also experience problems that may range from personal to occupational issues.

The problem could also come from you when you do not understand the role of the supervisor completely.

Understanding that you need to work independently while doing a dissertation is important.

Have a look at the guidelines given in the university or college you are studying should prioritize understanding the role of the supervisor for the dissertation.

This way, you may not have many issues dealing with your supervisor when you understand their position in your work.

Changing Your Dissertation Supervisor

There may arise issues that require you to get another supervisor for your dissertation.

You are expected to meet the department head so that they can help you to change the supervisor.

While changing the supervisor, it is important to ensure you don’t break down your supervisor’s relationship in question.

Go to the department head open-minded and keep calm.

You need to do this because you may have to stay with the same supervisor if there are shortages.

Therefore, do not accuse your supervisor if they are not able to do their job properly.

It is important to understand where the supervisor is coming from and why they have the issues they have.

You can also approach them and get to know their schedule and why they are not available for you.

The point is you need to be an understanding student.

5 Tips to Consider before Starting with Your Dissertation Supervisor

When preparing for your final year dissertation, getting advice from your supervisor can make all the difference.

Preparation is also key, and before you and your supervisor begin the process, here are 5 tips that you can discuss and consider.

1. Meeting Time with the Supervisor

How frequently will you and your supervisor be meeting?

Which days of the week will be convenient for both of you after having looked at your schedules?

How long will the meetings with your supervisor be?

After answering such questions, it will help you and your supervisor plan and make the most out of the meetings you will be having.

2. Mode of Contact

The supervisor and the student need to agree on the mode of communication that works best for both of them.

Some people prefer a phone call, online video calls, while others prefer face-to-face physical meetings.

Agree on the mode that will enhance progress and accountability for the dissertation writing.

3. Boundaries

The main aim is to guide you on the best way for you to come up with a paper that would enhance your grades.

They are not meant to spoon-feed you everything about the dissertation.

So, as you start with the supervisor allocated to you, try and get to know to what extent the supervisor will be willing to go to help you in your dissertation.

4.Dissertation Schedules

For proper guidance, your supervisor may require you to hand in some parts of your work after a certain period of time to enhance proper accountability and guidance.

Keep these dates in mind, and check with your schedule of events to ensure the dates they have given you do not clash with other events.

5.Past papers and dissertation examples

It is always good to look at the dissertations of people that have gone before you.

This can give you an idea of what to write and how to approach your dissertation.

Your supervisor can help you with this by pointing you to some past papers that you could look at.

Also, you can ask the department to help you with some of these past papers to pick a few insights from them.