Dissertation Introduction

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Custom Dissertation Introduction

1.Statement of Purpose

When writing a dissertation, you should open it with a clear statement of what it is supposed to discuss.

A statement of purpose indicates the aims and reasons for your research.

The opening statement should make the reader know the direction of your dissertation.

You may not articulate everything about your dissertation but making the reader understand the flow of your dissertation will be a good thing.

2.Define Your Topic

In the academic field, there are different areas that you can consider working on when writing your dissertation.

You are expected to define your area of study within your academic field.

When you define your area of study it acts as a reference point for your department to understand how you are going to do your research.


You are expected to outline the approach you took to formulate your research question.

In the approach, you’re also supposed to clarify the aim of the dissertation.

You are expected to discuss the methodologies that you took and the decision of your research.

You should also be able to outline and discuss the issues that informed and shaped the direction of your dissertation.


Depending on the subject area you have picked to do your research it is important to understand the relevant vocabulary you are expected to use.

In your introductory parts, setting aside a section that defines the terms and words that need to be clarified in your dissertation.

5.Objectives and Research Questions

The objectives and the research questions should appear in the introductory part.

Ensure that your objectives and the research questions are clear and precise.

They should also be coherent.

The objectives of the research question are highlighted after the statement of purpose and that the approach you are going to use.

6.Rigorous Hypotheses

While you are formulating and stating your hypothesis it is important to be alert on the logical construction.

This is because it is supposed to be tested when you acquire new data.

When you have formulated a good hypothesis you will be assured of its testability, falsifiability and non-secular.

7.Scope of Work

The scope of work will be determined by the understanding you have concerning your dissertation.

There are some dissertations you will read through and find out the student does not have a clear sense of what he or she is talking about.

When you are writing your dissertation introduction it should be able to give a direction on your scope of work to show that you understand your dissertation.

It is also important to ensure you include the literature review of the field you are discussing.

The ability to demonstrate a wide and broad knowledge base through this section of discussion will also show that you know and understand what you are talking about.


What is the significance of your dissertation?

Your dissertation is expected to go beyond the requirements of review, collection, and analysis of your data.

Your dissertation should be able to create a new idea and a new approach concerning the subject area you are discussing.

Your dissertation should be able to contribute to the academic field by bringing new ideas and information.

Your dissertation introduction is supposed to reveal your discussions.


You are supposed to indicate the reason why you selected your research proposals.

It is also important that you consider your engagement concerning what you are speaking about and your motives.


It is important to ensure that your dissertation is divided into subheadings that are manageable.

Subheadings are important because they can break up the prose and identify the key issues.