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The following passage is about the different and discovering learning styles and how they can help you as a student.

The seven identified types of learners are kinesthetic, visual, auditory-verbal, intellectual/analytical thinker, emotional learner or “feeler” type person who takes things emotionally to heart; intuitive thinkers that get insights by daydreaming rather than analytical thinking; sequential thinkers often think in order with just one thing at a time but will jump back and forth between two thoughts depending on what feels more comfortable for them.

Visual Learners

Many people learn easier by looking at ocular representations like Overhead Projector images or PowerPoint presentations, charts written on the board, or demonstrations.

However, they will have difficulty learning if their view is obscured in any way, shape, or form and may enjoy studying in a quiet place with little distractions and use multimedia technology such as computers, videos, etc., for study purposes!

Auditory Learners

These learners like to listen or have talks about the topic to learn.

They may find it easier if they read material out loud and can enjoy making presentations as well.

For these types of people, recording their notes on a tape recorder might be helpful so that they don’t miss any critical points while reading through them later!

Tactile Learners

These learners realize it’s easier to learn when they can handle the learning materials or be involved in the project.

As an outcome, they are inclined to take lots of breaks during study time and listen to music while studying, but this may not always work for some people.

What type of learner are you?

Our brains are hardwired to learn and retain information in different ways, but we all have a preference for one.

For example, you may find that you prefer learning some subjects through reading or verbally while others work best by listening or writing.

It can be difficult when our preferences don’t coincide with the way instruction is given at school; however, this doesn’t mean there isn’t an effective teaching method just yet!

To determine your learning style, you can take this quiz: http://www.metamath.com/multiple/multiple_choice_questions.html or try the VARK Questionnaire; https://honolulu-intranet2ccommittees-facdevgroup-guidebkteachtipvark-.htm

Once you know which kind of learner you are, it will be easier to focus on assignments and writing essays for school!

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