Top 10 Custom Dissertation Writing Tips

Top 10 Custom Dissertation Writing Tips

This article highlights the Top 10 Custom Dissertation Writing Tips you need to remember when writing your dissertation or thesis.

It is easy to forget them but these exclusive tips will save you time especially when finalizing your thesis or dissertation.

Read to learn more about them below:

1.Restate findings

From the analyzed data you collected, it is important to ensure you restate your findings at the beginning of your concluding chapter.

Ensure that you have stated all your findings clearly and completely to ensure that you have persuaded the reader about your dissertation conclusion.

2.State Conclusions

When stating your conclusion ensure they are clear and precise.

Your conclusion will differ from the findings of the data.

Your conclusion will differ from the findings of the data when your conclusion is related to a wider picture and not just samples that directly provide you with information.

Ensure that your conclusion is meaningful and based on what you found out.

3.Provide Arguments

When providing conclusions you must debate with logical arguments.

You should ensure that your arguments are certain depending on your findings.


After you have written your research project it is important that you consider evaluating it so that you can know whether it has an impact on your field.

Get to see whether it is relevant, significant and reliable in the academic field.

While you’re doing your evaluation it is important to see whether you could have done things differently.

See to it that you have dealt with the problem efficiently and effectively.

You should also make sure that your research project stands out among other studies.


What is the intellectual context that is surrounding your research project?

It is important to ensure that your research conclusions are meaningful.

It is also essential to relate your findings and conclusions to others in the same academic field.

When you do this it shows a kind of achievement that will be appreciated by your readers.


It is important to ensure that your research project can be relied on in any other Circumstance.

In generalizations, it’s all about the methodologies that you used in the collection of data and the sampling techniques that you used.

All this will be able to provide reasons why you are addressing your issues.

7.Linking Back to Objectives

Maintaining focus is very important when concluding your research project.

You should ensure that your conclusion matches the objectives that you highlighted in the introductory section.

When you can match your conclusion with the objectives then you will have achieved your purpose.

8.Further Research

There are some things you may have left out when writing your research.

Going a little bit beyond your scope is important for future studies.

Indicate in your conclusion a gap that will offer an opportunity for future research in your area of study.

Do not forget to include your piece of work as a building block for future research.

9.Loose Ends

It is important to ensure that everything in your dissertation has a structure and flow.

Your work should be able to link from the beginning to the end.

Ensure that every question that you had highlighted has been addressed and everything that you wanted to meet is addressed.

If there is anything that you have left behind when it comes to answering the question it is important to indicate that you are aware of it.


It is important to remember the writing styles that are required by your department so that you can ensure you have followed them.

Go through the entire dissertation so that you can ensure the tone and the writing style is adhered to.

Ensure while concluding your dissertation you make it as impressive as possible for the reader.

While concluding ensure you leave no doubt concerning your work.