Primary Research for Your Master’s Dissertation

Primary Research for Your Master’s Dissertation

To make your dissertation stand out, you might consider using interviews and questionnaires as primary research methods to gather information for the research.

What should you do next?

One of the biggest difficulties in conducting interviews is finding people willing to participate.

One way around this problem would be find interviewees at already-existing groups, like a over 50s club or mother and toddler group.

The best place to start looking for these organizations is on community halls’ websites.

They are usually listed there as well as what their hours are so you can plan your visit accordingly!

Although they may not like it if they think you’re speaking to journalists so always confirm at first what sort of group this is before continuing your discussion about their involvement as an interviewer.

For example, whether there will likely be any sensitive information shared during interviews such as health issues etcetera.

Planning Before Primary Research

Planning is the key to success.

A good way of ensuring that you are prepared for anything, whether it be a dissertation or an interview with your supervisor, is by making sure you have planned ahead and thought through all angles before diving in headfirst.

Make sure to ask questions beforehand so as not to waste time when conducting interviews- after all, we want our supervisors happy!

Primary Research techniques

Interviewees often have a range of reasons for not wanting to speak.

If the give “yes” or “no” answers and seem sullen or unresponsive, don’t force them into responding.

Some people were persuaded by friends to take part in the research rather than really wanting to be involved.

So it is important that we do not take their silence personally during our time with them.

This sometimes leads us down new paths which can yield interesting ideas for your dissertation such as analysis of both bullies and those who are bullied within schools between genders.

Questionnare Structure and Planning

The questionnaire, a crucial component of the research process, should be reproduced in your dissertation.

You need to show how you conducted your study and what questions were answered on this form.

You might be tempted to deviate from the questionnaire during the interview process, but that would mean undermining the basis of your research.

If you stick rigidly to what’s written on paper with each individual, then we’ll know for sure how good a researcher it is and who deserves their degree.

It can be very tempting at times to stray off course in an interview.

But by using these carefully structured questions as a map of sorts, you will be able to maintain scientific objectivity towards your work while also preserving transparency.

Therefore, markers evaluating you will clearly see all your abilities.

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Dissertation introduction, conclusion, and abstract

Dissertation introduction, conclusion, and abstract

Although an introduction, conclusion, and abstract are often the first chapters someone reads when reading your dissertation, they can be written last.

However, when considering how to best structure a dissertation, you will find that it is better to write these parts after writing all of the other sections to provide context and ensure there aren’t any contradictions throughout the whole paper.

When writing your dissertation retrospectively, you don’t need to worry about the introduction and conclusion matching.

Instead, you can tie up all of your ideas in a neat bow by just working from start to finish!

To stay on top of deadlines and keep your sanity, it’s a good idea to write the introduction before anything else.

You will be able to edit or re-write the intro entirely later if needed as you are developing your dissertation.

Still, in that case, you’ll have to save time by not having done all those edits at once when writing everything initially.

The abstract should contain an accurate overview of what readers need about what is being discussed. Information like methodology can’t quickly provide without reading through five chapters worth of work first, so make sure this gets written last!

This guide will break down the structure of a dissertation and run through each chapter in detail, so you know what to expect.

You’ll also learn how to avoid some common mistakes that students often make when writing their work, which can save you time and headaches later on!

The Dissertation Introduction

This introduction should provide;

1).Background information about your research not to be viewed as a random topic.

It should also show how this particular study will contribute to psychology or sociology and what you hope to accomplish with this work for readers to understand why they are reading something from which there may be nothing new learned.

2) Clarify which point this particular study is centered on and why it’s essential, what you hope to learn from doing so.

3) Indicate how much secondary or other relevant work has been done by others who have researched similar topics (to help show its importance).

4) State the specific aims of your proposed thesis for a clearer understanding of precisely what you are planning to explore and then defend as being valuable in some way.

There are many ways to go about structuring your dissertation.

Some students choose to combine the introduction with their research objectives, while others save that for later in the paper’s literature review or methodology section.

It’s up to you which approach will be best suited!

The introduction of a dissertation is the most crucial aspect because it sets up for everything that follows.

The length can vary from between 5-7% depending on the size and complexity but typically starts with how long your total project will be in terms of pages.

It’s common for dissertation writers to start their introduction last.

This is logical because the intro lays out what your research will cover, and you can’t do that until you’ve already done a lot of digging into it!

The sub-sections should have headings with appropriate content as well as key references to give readers an idea of where this work fits within current scholarship on the subject.

So by starting your intro later on during your thesis process saves lots of time without sacrificing quality!

The background section

According to the research, a good way of starting your background for an essay or paper is by easing readers into it.

Stating what made you trail this line of study and providing context about that topic will make things easier on them.

Everyone needs to know why your research is worth doing.

A mistake commonly made by students is justifying their project with something as simple as “the topic of my dissertation is interesting.”

While this may be an essential aspect, it should only take up one paragraph on page three or four into any writing sample before getting to what makes you want to pour more hours into researching for answers regarding your question/problem.

This could include providing background information about how others have tried answering similar questions.

However, none were successful-thus affirming there’s still work left undone because no answer has been found yet, not even close!

One of the most common mistakes is writing too little, leaving a reader lost during an otherwise fascinating read!

On the other hand, if one writes much more than needed, it may overwhelm them from getting started on what’s important – their research focus. When designing this part of your dissertation, keep these few things in mind:

When it comes to outlining your background section, you will want to identify crucial information about your topic that the reader needs from the outset.

A good starting point might be writing down a list of up to seven readings and/or authors which are most influential in understanding what is going on with this research overall.

After identifying these, write some brief notes as for why they were so important (using quotes) and how they fit together with one another when considering knowledge around this subject matter altogether.

The research focus

It is a section of a study provides an in-depth explanation for the studies’ intent.

Therefore, it is essential to be able to clarify what you intend on researching and why.

If done correctly, your background information should lead into this exploration smoothly with transitional phrases that will make it seem like one continuous flow of ideas from start to finish.

The research focus is the basis for your values, aims, and objectives.

It allows you to show what has been done before while also showing where you are going with this work.

Starting by stating that “my research focuses on” would be too harsh; however, considering introducing it first along with why such a field of study matters at all can help ease readers into this discussion topic without coming across as rude or unfeeling in the beginning lines of their section.

The value of your research

The value section of a dissertation is often overlooked, but it’s critical for those who will judge your work’s worthiness.

This sub-section should consist of two to three paragraphs that clearly state how you have added value to substantiate its importance and highlight what makes this research unique from others.

There are many ways to answer this question, so make sure you mention how the research is essential in some way or another.

If it’s different from what others have done before, that makes a difference and can be seen as adding value.

Research on medical issues may also come with added benefits for future generations of people who need these types of treatments if they arise due to your work now.

The research and the objectives

A research project typically has a specific, overarching goal.

However, sometimes it’s not clear what the goals are at first glance, so objectives should be clearly stated to help readers understand how you plan to achieve your final result.

Aim for concise statements that answer questions about the outcome of your study and make sure they’re in numerical order if there is more than one point addressed by an objective!

Every research project needs a clear purpose.

These four simple ideas will help you create objectives that are tailored to your specific study and achievable within the constraints of time:

Appropriateness: Make sure each objective is relevant to what you’re trying to find out.

Distinctness: Every goal should be incremental, accomplishing more with every step taken.

Clarity: Avoid ambiguity in any task by being precise about what results would constitute success or failure for this particular aim.

Being Achievable– Don’t set yourself up for disappointment from unrealistic expectations.

Crafting a good research question is not an easy task.

When you start with the keywords that encompass your project, narrowing down who will be involved in this study and what they can do to participate or help (such as examine), then consider how much time it may take for each objective before listing out these objectives naturally flows into crafting them!

It is essential to write the research objectives down in this section of your dissertation and then reference them throughout, rather than simply mentioning them once at the start because you will clearly understand what they are.

In addition, you can use these goals as guides for ensuring that all aspects of your study align with those points, so there’s no chance any part was overlooked or not given enough attention.

Writing a dissertation introduction can seem like an overwhelming job.

However, as long as you are organized and transparent with your structure, it will be easy to write the perfect section that captures attention from readers.

One such way is through outlining the entire dissertation for people to understand how each chapter of this essay links together in chronological sequence or thematic connection.

The Conclusion

The conclusion of your dissertation is a difficult mental test because you are likely exhausted and ready to give up on life.

However, everything has to come together for those last few pages, so make sure they do.

To avoid these pitfalls and fully understand how to write a dissertation conclusion, you will need to know what is expected of you–including the three parts (at minimum) that are required.

To provide a summary of the research, I would like to highlight four key points.

-First and foremost is my contribution in increasing the knowledge on this topic by conducting an extensive study.

-Second is that there were no significant limitations or difficulties during data collection, which allowed me to eliminate bias from participants.

The third point highlights how satisfied everyone was with their meal at dinner time even if they know we will be doing another round later, so it’s not as satisfying but good enough for now and finally fourthly are some recommendations about what should be done next after these findings have been made public.

The conclusion can be a short chapter or an entire dissertation.

The purpose of this last part is to summarize the discussion and its implications and provide recommendations for future research in your field.

A typical length should not exceed 5-7% total word count (roughly one paragraph).

Research objectives

The results of the literature review and empirical research were largely conclusive.

They reveal that benefits are abundant to being a mother, such as having more empathy for others, feeling less stress about life events because you can always come home to your family or pet without worrying about who will take care of them while you’re away at work, and developing healthy lifestyle habits like eating well-balanced meals with plenty vegetables (in addition to other health-promoting behaviors).

However, there is also data showing risks associated with pregnancy by not protecting yourself from STI’s which may impact future pregnancies if these infections go untreated.

Before you even start writing your paper, it may be helpful to list out what objectives you want at the end of all this hard work and then brainstorm a couple of points from your research where there is some definite progress.

This will allow for structure in drafting my essay and avoid any potential “Rambling” pitfalls!


A conclusion chapter is a crucial part of any essay.

It’s what the reader will remember, so it needs to be excellent and engaging, or they won’t care about your work at all.

A summary of recommendations for future action should always conclude an assignment because you can’t just expect readers to read through everything if there are no actions prescribed in advance!

Presenting your research is like walking a tightrope.

It can be hard to balance between giving specific advice which will help the person you’re talking with and making suggestions for future work in general terms that might not seem applicable right now but could prove useful later on.

For me, I find it helpful when writing proposals or reports to think about what they’ll want from my suggestion before diving too deep into specifics – so if someone wants guidance about where their data analysis should go next, ask them: “What would this do?”

Contributions to knowledge

The ideas behind “Contributions To Knowledge” are best seen in higher levels like Masters’

Theses that allow students more freedom over their design and conceptualization about contributions they can make while still having solid ties back into current theory and other established works within academia.

You do not need to have published a book or an article for your research project to be original.

However, you can make it unique by identifying what other people are doing and how this study builds on those ideas.

A dissertation conclusion is your last opportunity to tell the reader what you want them to remember.

Therefore, it should be comprehensive and make sure that this part of your paper demonstrates how you are making a contribution and changing knowledge in the field by highlighting publications such as published chapters or conference presentations with proceedings.

In this research, I have:

– Met my objectives

– Made future recommendations to other researchers and contributed to the field of knowledge.

One limitation is that there is a lack of studies on how animals use social media for increased conservation awareness, leading them to be more likely engaged with wildlife officials or organizations.

The Abstract

After you have finished writing your dissertation, it is a good idea to take some time and think about how you want the abstract to sound.

This section of your work should entice readers interested in reading through every word of text but still want an overview of what will be discussed within this paper.

It’s essential that when creating an abstract for any project or essay, there needs to be enough information given so as not to confuse those wanting more detail with too much summary.

An effective way would include:

a) Provide a clear thesis statement.

b) Brief synopsis including main ideas from each chapter.

c) Subjects covered (e.g., theories examined).

The abstract is the one-page summary of your entire work.

It should be no more than a paragraph and usually appears after the title page and acknowledgments in an academic paper.

The balance between too much information or not enough can make writing difficult, but finding that perfect mix will show what you have done!

As you write, make sure to address these issues:

1. Have I identified my study’s focus?

2. What is the reasoning behind this research?

3. How did I conduct it, and what are its results/findings?

4. Do I have conclusions or recommendations for further investigation based on my findings from conducting this study?”

You should present an organized and logical synopsis that discusses your research, what you achieved in it, etc., with such a goal in mind; this will help make sure that just about any chapter of yours gets submitted for publishing!

Applying some edits to finished work can also be beneficial by ensuring there are no mistakes or omitted points ready for submission.

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How to answer To what extent Essay Question

How to answer ‘To what extent….’Essay Question

Essay-based examinations can be some of the most difficult that students have to face.

Not only do they need to learn all their facts and information, but they also must write an essay under time pressure while addressing its requirements in a well-thought-out paper outline with structured arguments.

This is where EssayFreelanceWriters steps in and provides you with a series of custom essay formats that will be perfect for answering any one of these common exam questions: “Compare and Contrast,” “To What Extent,” “How does the Writer, ”For or Against?”

And last but not least—”Close Reference.” They do this by providing clear instructions on how to tackle each question type. For example, if your assignment were to ask about close reference analysis—we will guide you through getting started.

To What Extent?

You can expect to see many of the ‘To what extent…’ essay questions in an exam.

They are popular across different subjects because they’re understandable, considering their ability to measure many skills at once.

The first skill that this type of question measures is depth knowledge about the given subject- it’s difficult for someone who doesn’t know anything about history or math to write a good answer on either topic!

Secondly, these essays allow students to show independent judgment by analyzing how important certain pieces of information are over others.

What your custom essay should include

The ”To what extent” essay question is a great way to get into the nitty-gritty of your argument and present it engagingly.

For example, “In what ways was Charles II responsible for his problems with parliament?” On the one hand, he could have handled these conflicts better by being more tactful during negotiations.

On the other hand, not even this king can be expected to know how any political crisis will turn out!

There are two principle elements that a ‘To What Extent’ essay question should include: detailed source evidence and extra material which supports your argument;

Let’s use an example here to demonstrate.

In history exams, there might often ask:

To what extent was the character of Charles II responsible for his problems with parliament?“.

The student is asked to provide an insightful analysis of how Charles II‘s more complex personality may have influenced his political relationships.

The only way to make your essay really shine is by using detailed evidence and linking it back to better ideas. It’s not just about including other factors but also considering how significant they support the argument you’re making.

For instance, when answering questions like ‘to what extent…’, keep the general structure of an answer while changing details where appropriate.

Incorporating detailed evidence will always make your argument more comprehensive and help show how much you know about the subject matter.

It is also important to see beyond just what’s happening in that particular event or time period; linking with wider issues or topics can strengthen arguments as well. For example, by citing other historical events which had a bearing on Charles II’s character but not his rule (such as the English Civil War), it would be easier for an audience of historians to understand why he acted certain ways later during his reign- even if they were unrelated directly to Parliament itself.

The importance of incorporating detailed evidence into an essay cannot be overstated: such details give strength and depth to an angle one may want their point of view.

How your custom essay should be structured


As with all essays, the introduction needs to answer the question briefly.

However, with a ‘To what extent…’ essay topic, an intro should acknowledge that Charles II is not solely responsible for his problems in Parliament and highlight other aspects which also affect it.

In our history essay example from earlier, we have seen how important it is when considering questions such as these to take into account all facets rather than focusing solely on one aspect in isolation – so let us now see if we can answer more fully by looking at some evidence concerning Charles’ childhood years before becoming king where he did seem like a promising young man who would likely succeed without any difficulties whatsoever…

Paragraph 1 and 2

These paragraphs in the essay illustrate how Charles’s character led to his downfall with Parliament.

His stubbornness and unwillingness to compromise resulted in him losing power over England, which was a significant event that had many consequences for France and Britain.

Linking sentence

In the first paragraph, you explored that there are some parts of your story.

In this passage, you explore a different point to make sure readers understand all the important aspects of these arguments on both sides.

In two paragraphs up ’til now, I’ve shared my thoughts and opinions with y’all so far as what’s been going down in regards to whether or not athletes should be paid for their work off-the-court/field alike; but let me tell you’ll find something, just because we’re talking bout wages don’t mean others can’t also say that other realms like social media play an integral part too!

Paragraph 3 and 4

As with all essays, the introduction needs to answer the question briefly.

However, with a ‘To what extent…’ essay topic, an intro should acknowledge that Charles II is not solely responsible for his problems in Parliament and highlight other aspects which also affect it.

Charles’s relationships with Parliament improved between 1784 and 1820–years when he was prime minister for most of those years-even though, during these periods, Charles had an increasing tendency towards stubbornness as it became harder for him to maintain power within a shifting social order.

Therefore, we cannot say definitively whether changes associated with aging (easeful reticence) were responsible for improving parliamentary relations over time without considering other possible causes such as shifts on both sides away from extremism and toward moderation more generally throughout Britain at large under Westminster.


In conclusion, to what extent do you believe that the custom essay must end with a concluding summary that answers the overall question?

To answer this question, many points suggest it does and against it.

Firstly, we have seen how an ending is necessary for someone reading your paper to understand and be satisfied by all of its contents.

Secondly, while some may argue content outweighs form others will claim otherwise; either way, both sides seem equally important when debating whether or not your papers should contain conclusions because they can balance out one another’s views on each side as well as create more engaging discussions among readers who disagree about certain topics dealt within them without coming off too forceful just like persuasive essays would often try to do but never find any success.

You may have already spent hours of your life on that essay, but the final details are what really matter.

Forgetting about formatting or a missing citation can cause you to lose points and potentially lower grades for all your hard work.

The best proofreaders will not only be able to find any errors in grammar or spelling, but they also know how important it is for an essay’s structure and format to make sense.

So every point has space to shine with proper attention given throughout word choice, sentence length, punctuation use, as well as other little touches like capitalization at the beginning of each paragraph.

After reading through this wonderful piece from start to finish, I found myself more than impressed by everything done right here- don’t take my word for it!

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Learning Styles - A Complete Myth - YouTube

Essay Writing Help: Discover your Learning Style

The following passage is about the different and discovering learning styles and how they can help you as a student.

The seven identified types of learners are kinesthetic, visual, auditory-verbal, intellectual/analytical thinker, emotional learner or “feeler” type person who takes things emotionally to heart; intuitive thinkers that get insights by daydreaming rather than analytical thinking; sequential thinkers often think in order with just one thing at a time but will jump back and forth between two thoughts depending on what feels more comfortable for them.

Visual Learners

Many people learn easier by looking at ocular representations like Overhead Projector images or PowerPoint presentations, charts written on the board, or demonstrations.

However, they will have difficulty learning if their view is obscured in any way, shape, or form and may enjoy studying in a quiet place with little distractions and use multimedia technology such as computers, videos, etc., for study purposes!

Auditory Learners

These learners like to listen or have talks about the topic to learn.

They may find it easier if they read material out loud and can enjoy making presentations as well.

For these types of people, recording their notes on a tape recorder might be helpful so that they don’t miss any critical points while reading through them later!

Tactile Learners

These learners realize it’s easier to learn when they can handle the learning materials or be involved in the project.

As an outcome, they are inclined to take lots of breaks during study time and listen to music while studying, but this may not always work for some people.

What type of learner are you?

Our brains are hardwired to learn and retain information in different ways, but we all have a preference for one.

For example, you may find that you prefer learning some subjects through reading or verbally while others work best by listening or writing.

It can be difficult when our preferences don’t coincide with the way instruction is given at school; however, this doesn’t mean there isn’t an effective teaching method just yet!

To determine your learning style, you can take this quiz: or try the VARK Questionnaire; https://honolulu-intranet2ccommittees-facdevgroup-guidebkteachtipvark-.htm

Once you know which kind of learner you are, it will be easier to focus on assignments and writing essays for school!

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Why It's OK to Get Dissertation Help

Why It’s OK to Get Dissertation Help

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We’ll worry less when we figure out which direction is best for our topic-we to want some fresh ideas before graduation day rolls around too quickly!

You worked long hours studying as an undergraduate, then shifted into doctoral work with high expectations.

If you’re unsure about whether or not to hire a dissertation help service or get dissertation help, here are seven reasons why it might be the right thing for your situation.

First of all, hiring an expert will save you time and effort in what can already feel like a prohibitively lengthy project.

Second, they’ll ensure that every aspect is up-to-standard – including grammar errors!

We’ll give you reasons why hiring a dissertation writing service is beneficial for Ph.D. candidates.

It’s straightforward.

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Ordering a project online is easy, as long as you have exemplary service.

All you have to do is provide some basic information about your topic and write what’s on your mind all day – this way; it’ll be 100% original!

Our writers will help with any research or tedious tasks that may come up throughout the completion process, but we won’t change anything in our work for fear of plagiarism. You’re just getting an extra set of hands to make things easier-you still get full credit for everything that is done during these hours spent working together!

It’s Quick to Get Dissertation Help

Why It's OK to Get Dissertation Help

When you hire a professional writing service, they will assign an expert writer to your project.

For example, if it is for dissertation work in the niche of history, then someone with their Ph.D. in History would be assigned.

They know where and how to search so that all resources are up-to-date on what’s currently happening within this field and learn best practices from top universities, ensuring academic success!

The services also have editors who ensure integrity throughout the process too – these people make sure any changes made or corrections needed get done right away as well!

Working on a dissertation by yourself can mean years of frustration, but when you employ the help of professional writers like us, that degree will be in your hands before you know it.

It’s Less Stressful

Why It's OK to Get Dissertation Help

It is undeniable that doctoral students are under a significant amount of stress.

The thought alone can make anyone freak out, and the lack of support from family members only exacerbates this issue.

It’s understandable why you keep thinking about hiring an editor to help with your writing process–it would be easier on everyone if they had someone there who could give them real one-on-one attention as well as maintain high standards for their project!

There are some things you can’t do on your own.

For example, if writing a dissertation seems like too much work to take on by yourself, consider hiring an expert writer who knows what they’re doing and will follow all of the guidelines outlined in the proposal that you developed for them!

You’ll be able to focus more time and energy on managing this project instead of stressing over it- make sure that every aspect is carefully followed so that everything goes as planned with no hiccups along the way.

This should help relieve any doubts about whether or not something could go wrong because there’s someone else helping out when necessary; after all, we need people around us who know how to get things done right from the start until the end.

You’ll Get High-Quality Work

Submit High-Quality Dissertation With The Help of Experts

If you choose a professional writing service for your dissertation, the content will always be original and of impressive quality.

The writer is dedicated to following instructions closely so that there are no miscommunications along the way – they’ll work with you until it’s exactly how you wanted!

You Can Find a Website that Works for You

Why It's OK to Get Dissertation Help

The writing industry is a hotbed of activity, with all sorts of options to explore.

There are budget websites that give you the freedom to work on your own or hire someone else if necessary for as little as $5 an hour; there are also high-end sites where freelancers write original content in exchange for large sums (sometimes up to six figures).

You can find people who specialize within specific niches and those just looking out for jobs in general. It’s crucial when choosing which site suits you best—or whether it might be worth paying more than usual—to consider what kind of writer will suit your needs most effectively: one who provides quality at scale without any personalization whatsoever?

Or somebody qualified enough, so they know.

It’s best to rely on trusted sites with essay writing service reviews, which will better your chances of picking the right agency.

These reviewers test different agencies by placing orders then share their impressions so you can make a good choice!

You Won’t Get Caught

All-nighters and self-doubt: learn from our dissertation disasters

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You will retain all rights to any content produced by our company as soon as payment has been received in full; we are not allowed to resell or distribute under any circumstances whatsoever without prior permission from the client who ordered said material!.

Everybody Is Doing That

The frustrations that come with writing a dissertation

You’re not the only one having trouble with dissertation writing.

When faced with writer’s block or other obstacles during their studies, the majority of students will give up on earning a degree and settle for just getting by in school as best they can.

But there is another group that makes a sage decision: hiring a professional to write your essay so you can get it done!

There are tons of arguments about this option – but don’t hesitate any longer; choose wisely.

When There’s a Solution, You Might as Well Use It

Help Dissertation Writing: Students are Worried About Dissertation

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Most students decide to get dissertation assistance when they feel like their work is no longer practical.

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